The Davidoff Family, (from left to right) Michael, Babe, Bob, Daryl & Ken 

Michael Davidoff's 34 years of professional experience began with the family business, the world-famous Davidoff Studios in Palm Beach, Florida, which has chronicled the social events in the Town of Palm Beach for more than five decades. Renowned photographer Bob Davidoff started shooting the Palm Beach society scene in the mid 1950's. His three sons, Daryl, Ken and Michael joined the family business in the 70's. Matriarch Babe Davidoff still runs the day-to-day operations of Davidoff Studios.

Early in his career Michael Davidoff spent five years in Los Angeles assisting commercial photographers and learning the secrets of large format photography and commercial lighting for food, fashion, and products. His return to Palm Beach allowed for more commercial assignments to include jewelry, interiors, architecture, and other commercial applications. Michael Davidoff Productions was founded in 1983.

Maxine Davidoff has worked in commercial photography since 1991. As administrator of Michael Davidoff Productions, Maxine coordinates all photographic assignments and is the primary contact point for all clients, both new and long-established. In her own words, I can go beyond the routine things, so I frequently help customers regarding locations, make-up people, videographers or other services they may need.

Michael Davidoff Productions also provides fine photography services in scenic Highlands, North Carolina.

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